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Long-Term, Government Wide Contracts

Fast, flexible, cost-effective procurement solutions that meet acquisition challenges

GSA Schedules benefit our government customers by enabling them to: realize cost savings, experience flexibility, save time, achieve transparency, and control the procurement.

GSA Schedule 36

The Office, Imaging and Document Solution
SIN 51 504, Records Management Services
Contract No. GS-03F-075AA

With more than 35 years experience in information and records management, Millican has delivered hundreds of cost-effective solutions to our customers, including companies throughout North America and in Europe, state and local governments, and Federal government agencies.

As an acknowledged leader in the effort to transform paper-based organizations to meet the challenges of the electronic future, we deliver innovative and practical solutions from conception through implementation.

GSA Schedule 70

Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services
SIN 132 51, Information Technology Professional Services
SIN 132 32, Term Software License
SIN 132 33, Perpetual Software License
Contract No. GS-35F-0458W

Utilizing this contract, Millican provides IT services focused on Information Governance and Electronic Records Management, leveraging our decades of experience to the Federal government. Our ERM Framework guides our approach, utilizing the “path of least resistance” to add new technology to the existing stack only when it makes sense to do so, case-by-case, as the benefits outweigh the costs. This avoids the costly mistake of investing in redundant and complex software technology.

Millican also provides licensing and maintenance for Gimmal Compliance Suite, an enterprise-class content and records management solution to extend the Microsoft SharePoint platform, and certified to Department of Defense Standard DOD 5015.02-STD.

GSA Schedule 00Corp

The Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
SIN 874 1, Integrated Consulting Services
Contract No. GS-10F-0201J

Within the Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services segment, Millican offers consulting services focused on areas relating to the strategic and tactical creation, acquisition, use, retention, protection, and disposition of information – that is, the management of records, content, documents, data, and knowledge. We complement and enhance the skills of our clients and assure their business objectives are met by providing economic, value-added services.

Our services include mapping record holdings and developing retention schedules for program and administrative records in all media, performing needs assessments, reengineering processes to merge disparate paper and electronic record keeping, and more.

Services, Strategies, and Solutions for Information Governance