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National Nuclear Security Administration Blanket Purchase Agreement

NNSA_Logo1Millican & Associates
is a team member of TAULUN, the CTA (Contractor Teaming Arrangement) which recently was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by NNSA for Records Management and Information Governance work, among other related IT and Cybersecurity tasks.

For more than 20 years, Millican has combined Records Management and Information Governance insight and best practices with business knowledge to provide innovative, high quality services to assist the Department of Energy and a broad cross-section of other Federal agencies effectively utilize their recorded information. 

What Does This Mean for You?

Millican can help you by providing

  • Analysis and Guidance support for defining goals, objectives, and strategies to meet Federal Records Management and Information Governance requirements, such as the Presidential Records Management Directive, FOIA and E-FOIA, Privacy, HIPAA, and others encompassed in 44 U.S.C. and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Transformation support for solution implementation including project management, system design, selection, and configuration, records capture and conversion, change management, policies and procedures, and training.
  • Operations support by staffing and managing ongoing Records Management and Information Governance programs, or by augmenting agency staff and expertise to respond to special projects and initiatives or periodic surges in demand.

Examples of Millican Services

Cost-Effective Solutions for managing recorded information, including solution planning, development, justification, and implementations that leverage existing investments in MS SharePoint, MS Office 365, OpenText, and other ECM technologies.

Governance Programs via program assessments, policies, procedures, and training to assure agency staff understand and effectively carry out their responsibilities for managing the agency’s recorded information in all media.

Taxonomy development and use of logical structures for recorded information collections, especially content management systems or EDMS or ERMS subsets.

Metadata standards development and use for tagging recorded information for effective retrieval to support agency missions.

Analysis of information collections and compilation of results into mission-supporting processes.

Information Capture from agency collections into organized and secure repositories.

Version Control/Configuration Management business rules development to assure the correct information is delivered to support mission objectives.

Knowledge Management program development and use of knowledge repositories within collaborative software systems and social media.

Records Disposition Support by developing SF-115s that meet NARA registration requirements and utilizing approved schedules and SF-135s for records clean-up, retirement, or destruction.

Declassification/FOIA/Privacy services to address openness initiatives; deliver timely responses to FOIA requests and supply tracking services; and support systematic and special case declassification reviews.