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Prized Olsten Award

Programs developed by Millican & Associates have received this recognized award for excellence in Records Management.

Deming Award

Our services contributed to the first U.S. corporation enabling our team to receive this prestigious award.

Distinguished Clients

Our large client list includes several FORTUNE 100 and many FORTUNE 500 companies who have stayed as loyal customers.

Our Story

Millican & Associates, Inc is an internationally recognized information management services firm in business since 1981.

We specialize in assisting organizations in establishing and implementing information governance programs, i.e., the set of multi-disciplinary structures, policies, procedures, processes and controls implemented to manage information on all media in such a way that it supports the organizations immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements. Our work supports customers and their operations around the world.

Beginning over 35 years ago, our early work focused on customers in the private sector with significant compliance needs, i.e., organizations where providing evidentiary material demonstrating compliance with laws and regulations is critical to sustaining operations and/or avoiding fines. These customers included 70% of the over 100 nuclear power units in the US, and a number of pharmas, manufacturers and financial institutions.

Leveraging our private sector work, Millican began working in the public sector about 25 years ago. Initial work was with the Department of Energy (DOE), focusing on nuclear, safety, quality and environmental compliance.

Beginning at the Savannah River Site, Millican's support to DOE eventually extended across 20 DOE sites. As in the private sector, our public sector work has broadened from a compliance focus to the broader aspects of information governance. Since then, Millican information and records management support has extended to many other Federal, state, and local government entities.

Millican is a recognized expert across the Federal sector. Underscoring our reputation, Millican has provided significant support to all four agencies receiving the 2010 Archivist of the United States Achievement Awards. Our client list also includes many Cabinet level departments and several other key Federal agencies.