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Energy Information Administration EOP IV Contract

eia_small_new_1Millican & Associates, a member of the Energy Research Alliance (ERA) team, is pleased  to announce that our team is among those selected by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) for its new Omnibus Procurement 4 (EOP IV). This is a five year IDIQ contract with a ceiling price of $285M. The scope covers a wide spectrum of support services including Program Management, Survey Operations, Energy Analysis and Modeling, Information Technology Support, Product/Service Development Production and Marketing, and Organizational Support for EIA.

Millican’s IG framework for the information lifecycle unifies goals, objectives, and policies across the disciplines of Data Management, Information Technology, and Records Management. It enables consistency across system development, information capture and authentication, information security, access management, records retention, data migration, and the other diverse processes essential to obtaining, producing, and disseminating high quality energy-related information to decision-makers and other stakeholders.

Millican provides experienced and highly-qualified IG experts to assist customers in maintaining their overarching programs for managing and governing information to ensure it is authentic, complete, accessible, and usable.

In addition, Millican provides support to our customers for managing and implementing the lifecycle processes for their organizational knowledge and records, including the following:

  • Identifying, storing, and protecting records in all media, as appropriate to their value over time to the organization.
  • Archiving and transferring records, including managing and implementing those processes for electronic records – both born digital and converted.
  • Developing/maintaining inventories and retention schedules for recorded information, and designing file plans and systems to support its long term protection, migration/conversion, retrieval, and use.
  • Managing and implementing disposition processes for recorded information no longer of value, in accordance with legal, regulatory, and organizational requirements.