Strategy & Planning

What is a Gap Analysis and Roadmap?

Millican's Gap Analysis methodology is utilized to assess existing programs and processes, to propose and evaluate strategies for improvement, and to prepare plans to select and implement appropriate measures for program enhancement.

The Roadmap establishes strategies and recommendations to bridge identified gaps, further developing the approaches suggested in the Gap Analysis. It includes recommended activities, resource and cost estimates/projections, and implementation timelines, as well as technology and process issues that must be addressed. It sets priorities, identifies the information governance policies, procedures, and operations that need to be developed, and specifies resources and requirements for addressing the on-going operations and maintenance of the program.


To provide consistency and reference against best practices, Millican has developed and utilizes a standard toolset to support our Gap Analysis and Roadmap. The toolset includes:

  • Information Governance Model
  • Data/Records Model
  • Industry Retention Models
  • Information and Records Governance Policy and Procedure Model
  • Information Mapping Model
  • Industry Standards


Millican & Associates gap analysis usually requires six to ten weeks depending on the organization's size.

The Roadmap provides a strategic plan and schedule which typically covers a period of three to five years for complete implementation; however, critical actions are taken and major success are achieved typically within the first six months.

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