Selected Projects

Millican works extensively to support requirements and to implement and enhance programs for organizations across all three branches of the Federal government.  The following are just a few examples of our considerable experience in the Federal arena.


Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Provide technical support for efforts to manage email records in accordance with Goal 1.2 of OMB/NARA M-12-18, Managing Government Records Directive.

Perform records inventories and draft disposition schedules enterprise-wide. Activities include subject matter expert interviews with federal staff; analysis, validation, and incorporation of new information; raising the existing granular records inventory information to a functional level; and drafting new disposition schedules at that functional level.


Department of Energy, Office of the CIO

Guide transition of the enterprise records management (RM) program to an electronic environment. Advise on existing and emerging electronic RM technologies and how best to leverage them. Provide enterprise RM policies, procedures, SOPs, and migration plans. Support records scheduling, transfer, and disposition processes. Provide RM outreach, awareness, training, and support for working group activities. Provide enterprise forms development and management.


U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

Support all functions of the records management program: analyze records, develop/maintain agency file plans, develop agency-wide guidelines and directives, and provide agency-wide training.

Provide support and guidance for agency actions in response to OMB/NARA M-19-21, Transition To Electronic Records, and its predecessor, OMB/NARA M-12-18, Managing Government Records.


Administrative Office of the U. S. Courts

Provide records management, project management, and administrative support services:

  • Records program implementation
  • Training and outreach
  • Individualized remote or onsite support services nationwide
  • Cost tracking, analysis, and verification of financial activities
  • Best practices support in program design, preparation, and maintenance

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Provide records inventory support services, including:

  • Inventory of records
  • Creation of file plans
  • Subject matter expertise to enhance use of technology, including preparation of an electronic records management plan and a supporting taxonomy
  • Follow-up technical support services

Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Provide project management and electronic records management expertise for the conception, planning, design, testing, implementation, and deployment of a DoD 5015.2-compliant Electronic Record of Investigation (eROI) System in response to requirements of the Presidential Memorandum — Managing Government Records.


Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel

Provide Records Management analysis and processing services to identify and consolidate permanent records and prepare them for accessioning into the Archives of the United States; and to analyze, arrange, track, and apply proper disposition to files.


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Provide records management planning, support, and administrative facilitation to transfer unclassified, classified, and SBU records and information from field offices nation-wide to a consolidated storage location.

Provide technical and system administration support for the centralized records data system.


Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security

Digitize and enter case files into the Investigative Management System and properly organize paper copies and ship to temporary storage or dispose of them following digitization.


Department of Defense, Joint Staff

Assist with systems to protect records and providing oversight of the records management program for the Joint Staff and Combatant Commands.  Review and update programmatic documents, prepare records schedules, provide direction to and training for Records Managers, administer the Electronic Content Management (ECM) system, and review and archive unclassified and classified material.


Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service

As a subcontractor, provide strategy, planning, and implementation services to incorporate an end-to-end information lifecycle management approach to records management, compliant with Presidential Memorandum 2016 and 2019 deadlines and DOD 5015.2.


Department of State, Office of the Legal Advisor

Prepare a gap analysis and strategic roadmap for an electronic records management program; and develop policies, procedures, and technologies to implement it. Support implementation by inventorying classified and unclassified records and integrating them into the established file structure, converting hardcopy to electronic formats, and training staff on use of records management software.


Department of Energy, Hanford Site

Provide records management technical support and leadership assistance to the O&M contractor during site shutdown and transition.  Review existing program to confirm compliance, revise existing documents and procedures to facilitate understanding of Department requirements, support implementation of improvements in records management practices, and establish metrics enabling management focus to ensure records readiness for contract transition.


Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Developing records retention schedules for electronic systems and updating the Commission’s Comprehensive Records Disposition Schedule.  Simplifying and standardizing file plans and metadata based on the new schedules.  Reviewing and revising records management training materials.


Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Performing a Gap Analysis and preparing a Recordkeeping Organization Plan for the Laboratory’s Office of Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality (ESH&Q) to map the program's current state, identify problems or concerns, design processes to correct them, and identify resources to implement the processes.


Department of Labor

Developing a records management program evaluation tool for the Department, including documentation and procedures, and conducting a proof of concept evaluation.  Developing and providing training materials and training for Department personnel.  Performing records inventory, assessment, categorization, and disposition for the Human Resources Center and the Women’s Bureau.  Providing briefings and training for senior level managers, program managers, and staff.

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